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Reasonable Spread – offers a simple and cost-effective way to manage and optimize your email campaigns. Create, send and track bulk emails as easy as 1-2-3! Get started now and experience our difference! How to increase your inbox delivery rates and email marketing ROI? Use Reasonable Spread + Whitelist Services (27% lift in overall inbox delivery rates) = 27% Sales Increase. Contact us for details. Optimized Inbox Delivery We have good relationship with the top Internet service providers (ISPs), which will help to enhance the chances of reaching the inbox like Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, Gmail. We fully comply with standards for email authentication (SPF, Sender ID and DomainKeys-DKIM). We continuously monitor blacklists, ISPs, domain level volume throttles, IP addresses and invalid/bounce back email addresses to maximize inbox deliverability rate. Tracking and Reporting You can easily track the performance of your email marketing campaigns, and get a comprehensive set of real-time reports on any email sent through our system. These reports show the number of emails sent, recipients who opened the email, which links generated the most clickthrough, conversions, bounce type, spam report, and the number of unsubscribe per campaign. All reports can be exported for further analysis. Contact List Management Create contact lists, add email address one by one or mass import email addresses from Excel/CSV/TXT file, and split list into segments to target your messages. Use the comprehensive search/filter function to find desired contacts, then merge them into another list. You can also export a list of which email addresses sent, bounced, unsubscribed, etc., and create Do not mail list to prevent that contact from receiving any emails. Easy-to-use Email Creation Tools Use our internal WYSIWYG email editor to build your campaign visually, then preview your email campaign to make sure it displays perfect in all email clients. There are a variety of professionally designed email templates that have been tested to work with all email clients like Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail. Spice up your newsletters and improve your conversion rates with these wonderfully crafted templates. Email Campaign Personalization Personalize your email subject lines and even of your email body contents to boost the Open Rate and create a feeling of personal connection between you and your recipient. Just insert a dynamic content component or a custom field from the list database to the place where your clients name, job title, company, home phone, address, city, state, country, postal code, fax, url, or gender should be, and he will get a personalized email. Email Campaign Scheduler Plan and schedule the best time to send the right offer or content to your subscribers. You can even pause and resume email campaigns that have started sending. Sending an email campaign immediately has its limitations. For example, business to business emails are most effective when mailed after 9 but before noon, as email inboxes are cleared. Friday afternoon & weekends are usually the least advantageous for B2B campaigns. Custom Online Signup Forms You can build and grow your permission based email lists by simply embedding a custom Signup Form to your website to encourage visitors to sign up for your email list. Our custom online signup forms include Newsletter Subscription Box, Custom SignUp Form, Request Access Form, and Online Event Registration form. Pick one and customize it for your website to sign up new contacts. Once a visitor fills in the requested information, our system will automatically add it to your list. Email Marketing Advices Wonder how to set up an effective email campaign and how to send the right message to the right person at the right time? We have experts here to take your worries away. Our email marketing consultants provide expert advice on how to make your email marketing campaigns more effective, and how to increase your chances of higher open rates, click-through rates, and in turn, your conversion rates by improving your personalization, subject line, and timing. Value-added Services Need a little more help to get the most out of your campaign? Spread offers an array of value-added services that shove your efforts and maximize your email marketing returns. Spread offers some outstanding value-added services such as free newsletter archive, API integration to CRM/online shop, automatically Forward-to-Friend, professional email template design, Yahoo/Hotmail/AOL whitelist (additional charge applies), Reasonable FanClub to collect opt-in emails through your Facebook fanpage, and 24/7 email marketing technical support. Interactive Marketing Clients Comprehensive permission based email marketing tool with hundreds of happy clients world-wide! Spread is one of the leading email marketing software and service provider. We work closely with a variety of clients across diverse industries ranging from the top listed companies/subsidiaries to popular websites, and help them gain the competitive edge through email marketing.

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