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NoClone: Find and Remove Duplicate Files

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Features Find Exact Duplicates NoClone searches duplicate file with same file content and extension, regardless of file name. With Byte-by-byte comparison, NoClone can find out real duplicate files & folders Find Fuzzy Match NoClone can uncover more "duplicates" by using powerful fuzzy match to search similar files. NoClone 2014 even has a new feature of Search by Image, which allowsusers to search similar images in your PC with a picture you have. Compare Folders With this feature, you can compare between folders to find out duplicates. This feature can help you to synchronize USB thumb drive / mobile hard drive & your computer disk. Emails Duplicate emails is indeed a problem that messes your email box up. Our duplicate email remover compares content in the email, even compares both the file names and the exact content for each attachment in the email. Save/ Reload Result This function benefits you when you have a lot of files removing. Simply export the current session before closing the program and reload it next time to continue with removing files. All File Types Search duplicate files including video (avi, mpg), image files, songs(mp3) , DLLs, Office documents(xls, doc, ppt, pub), pdf and any file types. Flexible Criteria Flexible criteria to define and restrict your searching by Path, File Types, Scope, File Size and Date, ect. NoClone also provide specific demands as searching same name files, large files(>1MB), zero-size files, ect. Why Noclone? Safe & Reliable True Byte-by-byte comparison , not by CRC / MD5, totally safe to delete files. Files can be replaced by hard link. It is safe to delete the duplicates but retain the file organization. High Accuracy True byte-by-byte comparison, not CRC / MD5, totally accurate, no false duplicate files. Multiple search criteria restrict the result of your search, helps you find out the accurate files according to your demands. Time Saving Clean up your computer/ hard drives with NoClone to reduce backup time and minimize the time used to unneeded virus scanning. Disk Space Recovery Remove duplicate files in your hard disk now. With NoClone, you can maximized the free space of your hard drive by cleanning away those needless files. Efficient File Managing Use NoClone now to uncover different versions of master files and ensure single instance. File managing is a tough work unless the files and folders are unduplicated beforehand. System Requirement • Home/Free Edition: Windows 98/Me/NT4/XP/2000/Vista/7/8 Enterprise Edition: Server 2003/2008/2012. • Min. screen resolution:800x600. • More Memory (says 128/256 MB) for larger scope of search. Testimonials "Of course the files take up more disk space - but the real cost to me is the difficulty of finding what I need quickly among the thousands of small files, among which there are duplicate files, and also modified files with the same name. This program gives me the tools needed to quickly identify the duplicate files, which is an important step in consolidating information. The storage space is an issue, but the real benefit to me is being able to find what I need faster than before, because there is less to search." - Mcolan "Thank you it worked. I was lost without this program!!! My computer collects so much junk, so one of the first/best ways I “clean” is I check for duplicate junk using NoClone!!" - Donald L. Corkran Sr.

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